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Dyno Tuning Services


$150 - 3 pulls

$200 - hourly rate, this is if dyno tuning of a vehicle has to be stopped due to repairs needed before tuning can resume.

$200 - Hourly rental for dyno for personal testing, tuning or diagnostics at our facility.

Dyno tuning rates:
Some vehicles require  hand held tuner. Tuning would require the purchase of one of these.  DBR also uses a lab grade lambda sensor for all of our custom tuning. 

GM, Ford, Mopar:
·        97+ GM only -Street tune, no wideband,  no dyno (basic changes) - $350
·        Naturally aspirated/forced induction dyno/street tune - $700 -- can vary depending on the application
Factory PCM tuning:
97+ GM V8
2005+ Ford V8
2005+ Mopar V8

Carbureted Vehicles:

·        $500 - to start, $200 Hourly rate after 2 hours for tuning Carbureted vehicles (most the time 2 hours is all it takes)

If you don’t see it here it doesn’t mean we don’t tune it, please contact us for details!!

Still Have Questions About Our Dyno Tuning Services?

Please contact us or fill out the form below to find out more.

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