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The Jeep family has grown over the years to include a wide range of owners and drivers. From mall curb crawling to the Rockies Jeeps are a cultural phenomenon that will continue for years. You may not be surprised to learn that Jeeps are one of the most customized vehicles on the market perhaps even more so than the American pickup.

Today’s Jeep owner installs large heavy wheels and tires with even more weight adding suspension lifts, racks, winches, and bumpers. All this adds to the load that is already burdening your Jeep’s minivan engine. The straight 6 and V6 engines found in Jeeps over the past decades just isn’t enough to cut it for daily use or extreme off road.

DBR High Performance offers Ripp Superchargers from Rand Solutions and Bank’s Sidewinder Turbo kits from Gale Banks. These kits will add significant horse power and torque to your Jeep’s engine without the costly expense of an engine swap. If you’re tired of barely running highway speeds and getting passed by bicyclists you are ready for the improvements made by a supercharger or turbo kit from DBR High Performance.

Check out our section on line for more info and for the do it yourselfers.  Shop JEEP parts.

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JAZ - 210-614-03

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JAZ - 220-108-01

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