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"Brian, thanks so very much on all the help you have given me. Like I said before you and the guys are a real class act! I dont bet ever unless I am 100% on someone or something. But Im willing to bet you guys are really going to make DBR a great company to deal with long term for us car guys here in middle Tennessee." -Troy C, Tennessee  -1970 442-

"I was just crusing your web site, and realized i was ordering parts today from the owner. I have to tell you i had called at least 4 other outlets, they were not willing to research or look into what parts i was looking for, i was impressed with the guy at  DBR, he was more than willing to find all the info he could on what i wanted, that is pro, i will be forwarding to all my performance counter parts you ph and location and willing ness to get the order right. My motto is treat me right and i will send business your way by the 10 fold.  Thanks"    -Wayne G, Canada

"David, I wanted to take a minute and tell you thank you for what you are doing. I know it is your job but, your passion is Awesome!!! I am glad the car is in your hands. Thanks again I sincerly appreciate what you are doing." -Richard K, Tennessee  -1987 Iroc with LT1

"Thank you for the help in selecting the right products for my '06 LBZ.  The results have been truely excellent so far!  I'll endorse and recommend DBR to any future customer"  -Rob H,  Tennessee -2006 Duramax

"This car is very exciting to drive and is ridiculously fast! It has double the horsepower of a stock 2004 Cobra (Over 800 hp flywheel) and over double the torque (over 850 ft/lbs flywheel) with only 18 psi of boost. This car has surprised many competitors on the road including Ferraris, AMG Mercedes, Vipers, and etc. This car is totally stock on the inside and out in appearance but has many modifications not visible when driving down the road. It is very smooth and not that loud until you step on the throttle at which time it becomes a ferocious beast! I want to keep this car forever!"  Your customer service has been the best I've had, thanks!!!   - Todd M. Tennessee  -2004 Cobra -

"DBR has shown such amazing talent in caring for my daily driver 2010 SS Camaro and turning her into an absolutely insanely fast work of art.   They have blacked-out, cammed, blown, created a full custom coated exhaust, gorgeous metallic lime green Brembos, and even installed a set of very cool pillar boost gauges.  David and Brian have always helped me with the simplest, to the craziest questions, and they’re always concerned with my level of satisfaction in their work.  Thank you DBR for giving me so many reasons to smile, you guys are the best!"  -Lance S. Tennesse  -2010 Camaro-

"I had DBR performance tune my 06' GTO after some mods. The car ran great following the tune, but traction control no longer functioned properly. Because I am particular about my car and wanted everything to be correct I called David at DBR and explained the issue to him. He worked my car into the shops schedule the following day and DBR looked over the tune thoroughly. A few ideas were tried but none were successful. DBR was able to contact the software company that provides their tuning platform and discuss the problem with them. Eventually the problem was traced down to a communications issue within the company's software and had nothing to do with DBR's tune. Shortly after that the traction control problem was fixed! I would like to thank the DBR shop guys for their patience and even though it took a couple trips in to the shop and some head scratching they got it done right. For some car owners my issue would have been a non-issue but the DBR guys realized that to me it was important and they took the necessary steps to make it right. Thanks Guys" -Cody W. Tennesse  -2006 GTO-

"I have a serious need for speed. I don't currently own a car that DBR hasn't worked on. All their work is AMAZING and I will continue to go back!" - Josh D. North Carolina -2010 Escalade, 2009 GTR, 2008 SRT8 Jeep, 2007 Dodge Cummins, 2003 Marauder


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